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The EntreSphere

Why the EntreSphere is the Space for Your Business

We know how noisy the internet is. 

There's online courses and virtual discussion groups everywhere. Sometimes you need a mentor to guide you through some strategy, and sometimes you need a quick answer to a financial question. Running a business can be overwhelming, and without the right support, growth can get tough.


We understand that the support of even one person can counter the voices of a hundred naysayers. 

That voice of support 

is what we're creating through the EntreSphere.

The EntreSphere is a network of experts, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners. This community allows for mentorship, collaboration, and open conversation about enterprise, so you can grow your business with the help of people who've already done it.

From discussion groups to masterclasses, there's a meaningful connection here for every entrepreneur!

Who We Are & Why We Do It 

When Tim Alison was 31 years old, he walked away from a six-figure income and moved to a tiny fishing village in rural Nova Scotia. He had no choice but to start his own business, and he was told time and time again that his venture would fail. 

When his sales passed $10,000,000, the naysayers disappeared. 


The EntreSphere is a product of Screw the Naysayers Productions, which began as a book and podcast in 2018. 

At Screw the Naysayers, we curate stories that look at entrepreneurship as a viable career option, and build dialogue that challenges the education system to do better when it comes to teaching us how to monetize our passions in a world where we have to create our own opportunities.

What You Get

We want your business to grow just as fast as you do. In the EntreSphere, you get:

  1. Business advice from Tim and his network of experts based around the globe from the US, to Canada, to the UK, to Australia.
  2. Access to our growing community of entrepreneurs, giving you the opportunity to network with like-minded business owners. 
  3. Access to online collaboration spaces so that you and your business can make the most of your new connections.
  4. Invites to online events, masterclasses, and live Q&As held by thought leaders and experts, on topics chosen by you.
  5. Discussion groups and member circles to connect with other entrepreneurs on topics varying from financial planning to industry-of-business.

 All this for just $9.99 a month. 

You lucked out.

Visit us a while. Explore our space. 

For more information, shoot us a message at

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